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Clark Planetarium has wonderful shows and exhibits. This place has everything including IMAX movies, exhibits on the solar system, moons, and stars, and everything in between. Great fun for kids of all ages, and the whole family.

Discovery Gateway childre's museum has 60,000 square feet of exciting, interactive activities for children of all ages.

George S Eccles Dinosaur Park has amazing dinosaur exhibits that will entertain and educate all ages.

This museum has exhibits covering hundreds of animals, including African animals, birds, and insects and butterflies. Great fun for the whole family.

This museum has wonderful dinosaurs, ancient oceans, and more. It's dinosaur exhibits are one of the world's largest. It also has many hands on exhibits that are great for kids, and bigger kids alike.

The Natural History Museum of Utah has exhibits on everything from dinosaurs and prehistoric people to Utah geography and history. There is something for everyone.

The Leonardo is Utah's Science and Technology Museum. Many of the museums exhibits are constantly changing. Currently they include: Digital images, animation, mummies, and many others. It is a contemporary museum exploring art, science, technology and more!

Treehouse Museum has many wonderful exhibits for kids, including a tree house, art garden, music room, dinosaur discovery, and many more.